Townshend Audio Seismic sink repair

I have a Townshend seismic sink HD-1 (2 holer) that has a collapsed lung on one side ... it will not hold any air on the one side, and there is a warning on the bottom about the product releasing some sort of chemical if opened ... I have e-mailed Townshend, with no response ... Does anyone know of someone who repairs these things ? ... thanks in advance.
Try calling Dan Meinwald of EAR-USA - 562-422-4747.
He is the US importer for Townsend.
I ordered some new bicycle tubes and repaired it myself, not difficult at all. All you need is a new tube, rubber bands and some construction adhesive. Once you pry the top off you'll see how easy it is to fix..
Thanks for the response ... Which model did you repair ? ... I have some models where the top comes off pretty easily, as it is just glued to the top of the tube. This one seems to be different, as the top does not does not act like it wants to come off at all, and there is a distinct warning on the bottom about the realease of chemicals if the top is removed ... I may try some of that tire repair that comes in the can where you just screw the can on to the air valve, and inflate as necessary ... it contains some kind of sealer, which may work if the leak is not too bad.
Repair complete ... I was able to gain the leverage to pry the 2 metal sinks apart by flipping the unit upside down, prying up with a pry tool, and cutting through the old tubes.( the glue was too strong to pull apart ) ... A hot glue gun is the perfect tool for re-applying the new tubes, and securing the top ... total cost was 10.00 for 2 new tubes.