Townshend Audio Podiums - current owners opinion on the merits of this product

Hello to everyone who is being held hostage by this Covid 19 demon......I hope everybody is well and staying safe and being smart. I have been reading about this product and would like to hear from current owners or members who looked at them and didn't buy or have sold them. I would like to hear from you as I would be purchasing them for my Wilson Benesh Square 5's and they would be going over a suspended hard wood floor. Thank you in advance.   

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Piece of wood isn't going to change bass. Placing the speaker higher off the floor will obviously raise the woofer off the floor as well and that can certainly change tonality of the speaker sound. You don't need over priced piece of wood to do that. Buy a butcher board from IKEA.

I'm bit of a hypocrite I suppose since I am in the market for a pair of kenrick sounds stands for my JBL but they don't market them as anything but nice stands. I do not buy any of this reduce resonance stuff the marketing for Townshend claims. Sorry!