Townsend Seismic Sink Pump - where to find?

i have a couple of these sinks that i forgot about. unfortunately the pump is broken and my dealer says it's impossible to get one.... any ideas?
I think you can use any bicycle pump with a flexible nozzle. Anyone else try it?
I recall reading about someone replacing a Seismic Sink factory valve stem with the typical stems found on bike and/or auto innertubes/tires. If this is possible, you simply use off-the-shelf air pumps.
Yes, Rcprince is right. Just make sure it is a bicycle hand pump with a hose attachment. The tip used is a screw on presta valve.
Rcprince is, IMO, correct about using a standard bicycle pump, but the problem will not be the pressure generated (as obviously you don't need much) but with the thread of the connector on the hose.

The new sinks (without the indicator light) and the older sinks (with the indicator light) have very different sized connectors where the air is pumped in (I have both). The newer sinks have a valve connection that is the same size as a normal automotive or bicycle inner tube. The older sinks have a connector that is much smaller.

For the newer sinks, a tire pump that uses a "clamp-on" type of hose connection should work ideally.