Townhouse speaker dilemma

I am looking to upgrade my speakers, but am struggling to figure out what I should do.

I live in a townhouse condo with a shared double stud wall, so I have to be careful about low frequencies disturbing the neighbours. The room is about 15' wide x 18' deep, but behind the room, and raised by about 6 feet, is another room (the kitchen), which is about 25' x 20'. The ceiling is complex, with a dormer at the front and back of the room, rising to about 22' at the highest point (in the kitchen). The speakers must go on either side of a fireplace, in front of large windows that I am forbidden to put window coverings on (but I have room to keep the speakers back several feet from the windows). The prime listening area is about 7' back from the speaker location.

The room is actually pretty good acoustically. From the listening position, probably because of the complex angles and depth of the room (~40'), I don't hear a lot of reflections or interference.

I have a Simaudio Moon i-7 integrated amp. My source is a music server (a Mac Pro with a Lynx AES16e soundcard) running through a Simaudio Moon 300D DAC. My current speakers are old B&W CDM 7NTs that I bought in college many years ago.

Classical (primarily Baroque and earlier music, along with some early Classical --Haydn, Mozart, etc.), lots of chamber and piano music (I am a pianist), vocal/choral music and, jazz. Some pop music (think Sarah McLachlan and so on).

Can't disturb neighbours, and WAF is an issue. Budget = up to about $7000.

Totems --maybe Mani-2s, The One, Forest or Wind
Reference 3A --maybe Veena, Episode or Grand Veena
Gershman --Sonogram or Avantgarde
Living Voice Auditorium Avatars (maybe better for tubes?)

Any advice?
Of the ones on your list, I like the Living Voice the best. They resolve, and do both dynamics and timbres extremely well and they can take amps even better than the one you've got. Not to say yours is any too shabby, and the LVs like SimAudio to boot.

Guess you may be slightly limited in how you can explore dynamics. You will be able to enjoy delicious timbres and low-level resolution all the time though !

Much applause for your decision to make a BIG upgrade to your speakers. Small upgrades are not cheap and any of the ones on your list will make you very happy for a long time. But go with the Living Voice :o)
maggie mmg's...and keep the change.
Check out the ESP Bodhran SE speakers currently listed for 6200.00. These speakers will certainly match all of your criteria. They are sealed box and don't boom or thump. The bass is very natural without excess. The soundstage and imaging are first rate and very life size with six drivers per speaker. Piano and vocals are gorgeously rendered. The appearance is understated, refined and unique. I use the ESP's in my own system about 80% of the time vs the N802's.

You mentioned in your post---

Ref 3A da Capo i's


Tough call, perhaps Quads?
Maybe you should take a look at the speakers Duke designs and sells at Audiokenesis;owners give them high marks;dukes goal was to obtain sound similiar to the soundlab speakers he sells and by what I have been reading it seems he met his goals and objectives.
Also there is a thread ongoing of the interview that duke gave to stereotimes;it is a good read and gives you an idea of who duke is in case you have not heard of him.
His design also give flexability in speaker placement as well.
Save for a single family detached house with no close neighbors, and move. All other solutions are half measures.
Ditto Buconero117! I'm at the age where retirement is right around the corner (not financially, just age-wise) and considering where we might move to downsize in the near future. If possible I'd prefer to stay in a detached home to continue enjoying music my way.
Sonus faber's ....