Townes vinyl reissues?

I stumbled upon some great original Sugar Hill recordings, which got me to wondering about the reissues to fill in gaps on my Townes vinyl collection, or look up the original recordings.
If you are referring to Townes Van Zandt, the Fat Possum reissues of Delta Momma Blues, Live at the Old Quarter, and Townes Van Zandt are all well done. As I recall, these were all originally issues on the Tomato label.
Thanks Rushton, I had ran across some Sugar Hill recordings and forgot about the Tomato Label. I have Live at the Old Quarter, and will, with your recommendation on the Fat Possum reissues, fill in the gaps in my collection.
Wasn't "Delta Mama Blues" originally issued on Poppy Records?
Can't go wrong with Townes, but I especially like the first one I ever bought: "The Late Great Townes Van Zandt" (Tomato LP). Great performances, and a great sounding LP, even after many years of me playing the heck out of it before I owned a good turntable. And I agree with Rushton that the Fat Possum re-issues are excellent.
Casey33, it might well have been. lists Charly Records, but I'm not sure how accurate that might be. Towne's self-titled release (1969) was originally released on Poppy Records, then reissued on Tomato and now on Fat Possum.
Tomato has had some really great LP's. I have Albert King's "King Albert" LP on the Tomato label, great performance and great sound.