Townes Van Zandt Road Trip

Planning a road trip centered around Townes Van Zandt.  Obviously we will be visiting his grave, The Old Quarter and Cactus Cafe.  Traveling from Florida to Texas.  Any suggestions for other must see or must do places??

Thanks everyone!

Sounds like a great trip, all I could add would be to look to see if you could possibly try to catch a Steve Earl show as you make your way to Texas, he plays a lot around New Orleons and in and around Houston, who knows you might get lucky and you can certainly tell Townes and he spent a lot of time together.
Sounds like a fun adventure. I agree with tooblue in that you should listen to some Steve Earle along the way 
Perhaps unrelated, but as long as you're in Texas you can visit The Buddy Holly Museum in Lubbock. I'm sure Townes loved Buddy as much as the rest of us do!
Have you watched the great biopic about him (sorry, I’m blanking on the title)?   I’m sure you could get some ideas there.
Yeah Marty, but I can't remember the title either. "The Late, Great Townes Van Zandt"? No, that's not it. I watched it a couple of years ago. For some reason I don't like Townes as much as I'm "suppose" to. Steve Earle is his biggest fan, but I like Steve more!