Towers with massive dynamics & soundstage $3k?

Heya. Just looking to garner vouches for floorstanders up to $3k used/new that DO jaw-dropping dynamic crescendos and that have a wide and deep soundstage.

Theoretical shortlist is currently blank.

Weird sized room 15' x 31'. Assume beefy SS amplification. Mainly listening to symphonic classical and electronica!
Thiel 3.6 or 2.4...have not checked 2nd hand prices in a long while. built like tanks...will take loads of power and respond in kind.

B&W floorstanders 804,etc possibly...sweeter sound, less detailing but respond well to high power
Klipsch(Klipschorns, La scalas), and & other brand types with horn driven speakers.
Tyler Acoustics Freedom Towers. There is a pair for sale now.

Thiel is another good choice and they REQUIRE lots of power to make them sing. Can be a little "energetic sounding" from my experience.
I concur with the Tyler Acoustics...I purchased a set of Woodmere's just above your price point and they are phenomenal. I would give Tyler a call, he had a good deal on some custom made full range in his shop that were traded in not long ago.
What about Dunlavy SC IV?
Tyler Decades , these speakers are making me stop the chase!
Zu Omen Def.

the The Philharmonic 3 is a lot of speaker for the money.
Easy. The GoldenEar Triton 2 Towers. Their dynamics are helped mightily by built-in passive radiator-augmented subwoofers powered internally by 1500w amps. Up top is an MTM array anchored by a folded ribbon tweeter (much like a Heil AMT).

List price is $3K, in your price range. The midranges of the MTM array are particularly fast, responding out to 20KHz. All reviews I've read (and I've also heard the speakers) marvel at the seamless integration between the cone midranges and the very fast ribbon tweeter.

The powered woofers provide real bass down into the 20's. The speakers have a rounded trapezoidal footprint making for a 7" wide baffle. Imaging and soundstage are first rate. Narrow baffles provide for better room-filling dispersion and a minimum of multiple reflections from the front baffle.

I've heard these and they are very cannily conceived. The company was founded by and speakers designed by a team that was involved with the founding and design of Polk and Definitive Technology.

Because the heavy lifting (the bass) is done by internal amps, the speakers only need a mid-powered amp to sing. Co-founder Sandy Gross uses a SET amp on his personal pair. They would absolutely rip powered by a Rogue Cronus Magnum.
Looking down the listings... some local only, as expected for this weight and size.

Dunlavy SCIV's (no IVa's though)
Selah Audio RC4's
AV123 LS6 (line arrays)
Wilson Watt/Puppy ($3500)
With a beefy SS amp, the Thiel CS2.4 is truly stunning! Listening to them right now with a nice Krell... Smiling from ear to ear.
Assuming the room's volume is not too large, look into Ohm Walsh 2000s (~$2800/pr). I have owned them for a little over two years, and I am thrilled with them, especially considering the price. Although I was not initially floored by their presentation of dynamic shifts, this has improved dramatically with improvements in my electronics and ancilaries, and is now mostly source material-dependent. The soundstage is an Ohm Walsh specialty, and these work well with high-wattage SS amps (I use an Odyssey Stratos). I posted a review in the review section here. Ohm offers a generous 120-day in-home trial period, so you can audition, at length, with your music, your room and your electronics.