Tower Records

This just crossed my radar. Founder Russ Soloman has passed at 92. A great lover of Music and the mastermind behind the Tower Records empire. R.I.P.

I purchased many a CD from the Tower Store in Austin.   They seemed to have everything.   Their closing was a sign of the times.


  Oh, I had many wonderful hours browsing and buying at Tower Records, West Covina, California. 
 I discovered a lot of music at their listening stations. They were perfect for the time that they were in.
I have to give a shout to the late, great Tower Records on South Street in Philly. Bought many CDs there with friends on Saturday nights, and it was just the place to be.
I would drive from San Jose up to San Francisco in the late-60's/early-70's just to go to the Tower store in North Beach. Lots of British pressings of current LP's.
I bought many CD's at the Stamford, CT Tower! They carried an amazing collection of silver discs: everything from classical to jazz and rock! Tower will be missed! I personally like going to a store for music shopping!
There was recently a documentary on cable about Tower records, mostly about the California stores and Russ's management style. How they opened their Tokyo store was very interesting. 

Ok - I found it.
I liked that documentary as well! I used to spend a lot of time at tower records multiple stores on Broadway in NYC’s downtown village location. They even got into used LP’S at one point. When they got ready to close the prices were at a good discount and the store was crazy busy. It made me think that if the industry sold CD’s at 6-8$ Tower and other stores would have stayed open maybe 5-10 years longer.

One great memory was from that location was a band in store appearance I was part of. I was hired to make an hour long DVD peformance film/documentary for the Trachtenburg Family slideshow players and It was most likely the last in store appearance Tower ever did at that location.
Another +vote for the Tower Records Doc- very well produced.
I would not mind seeing more docs on the music biz/established record shops around the U.S.A.
My friends an I used to practically live there after school and on the weekends, the one on the corner of Sepulveda and Hawthorne in Torrance.   Nobody even came close to their selection of rare stuff.  I still miss Tower.  What an icon.
Phenomenal documentary on netflix-
“All things must pass- the rise and fall of tower records”
absolutley must see for anyone that ever spent more than 10 minutes in a record store- let alone music junkies like us

Agreed - cavscout19d

I would like to watch more documentaries like "All Things..."