Tough Room,Speaker Placement Challenge

I'll try to draw you a mental picture of my office/listening room.Basement area essentialy a reverse L shaped.If you start at the bottom right corner of this backwards L and follow the dimensions counterclockwise you can scetch the area.Long vertical leg 22ft,top of L horiz. 9ft,first inside vertical leg 9ft,intemediate horiz.leg 4ft,second inside vertical 13ft mostly open to rest of house,bottom of L 13ft.Iv'e tried set ups in both the wide and narrow areas and have yet to find an optimum spot if there is one.I don't have a computer to use software anyway most programs only cover rectangles.In the 9ft wide area the speakers are very close together,Less that 5ft with any clearance at all from the side walls.Anyway try this brain teaser.
It would help to know your equipment and what problems you've encountered with any configurations you may have already tried. Not knowing these things, I'd suggest the following.

Place the speakers along the bottom of the L (13 feet wide) wall. Speakers approximately 8 feet apart and 2-3 feet from the front wall. They should now be approx. 2.5 feet away from the side walls. Listening position would be in the nearfield, approx. 8 feet away from the speakers. If you have non-carpeted floors, you may need a wool carpet in front of the speakers.

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Have you ever thought about taking up minature golf? Make a great dog-leg left. And whatever you do don't go to your local audio store (if they are like around here), they will try to install 14 speakers in the walls for you.

In any event, you haven't said where you like to sit and what's in the room. Usually an office imposes certain requirements in this direction. Also I've found that theory is nice in these cases, but nothing is as good as just experimenting. The formuals are very complicated in a room like this full of furniture and speakers have their own needs re distance to resolve the music. Floor and wall coverings might be as important as dimensions. Art Ludwig's site is my fav for browsing on this kind of issue ( and the Horraum is good too (

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