tough decision: Rotel RDV 1092 or Denon 3930CI

Any input/opinions would be appreciated. Quality video is an obvious objective here, but 2-channel audio playback quality is my main focus - I will be using the new unit as my primary transport/converter for cd’s, concert dvd’s and dvd movies. I have read excellent things about both units and I am currently home-auditioning the Rotel. I am a little disappointed that the Rotel does note offer SACD playback, but it does a tremendous job with Redbook cd’s. SACD appears to be a dying medium, but if the audio quality of the two units is similar, the Denon's SACD playback would likely be the selling factor for me. My plasma does not offer 1080p, so I will not be able to fully appreciate either unit's video potential. However, as an old two-channel guy, I have always appreciated the audio over the video (not to say that I'm not blown away by the new video technologies).
Note: I was ready to buy the Rotel tomorrow until I did some research on line and found so many great reviews of the Denon. Again, any thoughts/advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, I was in the same situation as you. For 2 channel, I believe lots of folks would go for Rotel. But I reckon you should take the Denon home for home trial before deciding. I would like to but my dealer here do not have both for home trial..... The denon sells like hot cake!!
Thanks Dezyrae. I went with the Rotel. My dealer (is a friend who I trust) carries both lines (Denon & Rotel) and he said there was no contest (regarding audio). I also demo'd both units - in my home at different times and simultaneously (side by side) at the dealers. The Rotel is hands down a better performer when it comes to audio. I do believe the Denon is a little more refined in the video format. My plasma doesn't do 1080P anyway, so this was not a critical factor. I am sorry the Rotel won't play SACD's though.

I would like to take the Rotel as well. I just audition the Denon and like the soundstage it presented though the imaging is not as good. Overall not too bad. I am going to check out the Rotel next. I really hope I like it.
Dezyrae, Once you've made your comparison let me know what you think. I really like what the Rotel can do in 2 channel. I had a tough time discerning any major differences over my EAD/ARC transport/converter separates. The Rotel may have even bested my original setup (which are eleven years old - but, they were truly first-class in their day). I have also heard great things about the Arcam DV-137 universal player, which retails for around $2,000. You may want to include that unit in your quest.

Good luck.

I HAVE the 2930ci and i think it sounds great,sacd, dvd-a give the denon a try.