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Hi all

 I had a lot of fun on here a few years back.  I have a dilemma that I hope I can score some help with:
 My current system is:
-sonus faber aida
- AR: anniversary edition preamp
-AR .CD 9
AR: 750 mono's and 250 Mono : one pair of each.
 four REL subwoofers 
  I 'm fed up with these monoblocks,  They broke down a few timesIve owned them for three years now. The dealer explained  to me that this is due to the care they require, I E: the voltage and bias need continual attention, which I m not prepared to give them. The dealer is offering 80% value on trading them in .
I got them for two reasons, One the Preamp is fantastic , and the sonus faber is suited to them. As sonus bought AR recently , that is the logic the dealer offered me.
    Now , the dealer is offering me a trade in to switch to solid state power amps. However they suggest I buy two Boulders per side, the idea is sound , however I just don't wish to shell out a quarter Million (i Live in Canada) . for the power amps. The speakers were about a 100K. 
  Also, they now tell me that Sonus says that the speakers need to be tri-amped .  Which would up the amp.cost significantly. 
The advice Im seeking here is how I could tri amp the Sonus Fabers and do it on a budget of about 100K ?
  My dealer has no suggestions yet at least , except to bi-amp with T&A amps for 100K . The thing is I'd liek to try tri-amping instead .
thank you for reading , looking forwards to your answers
Don't know if you have been on What's Best Forum but here's a link to the search page where folks inquire/discussed in several threads the Aida - might offer some insights
The thing is I'd liek to try tri-amping instead .

Your dealer has found his mark. Carry on.

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The Op asked for Forum help not insults