Tough Choice: Proac D25 or Dynaudio Special 25

guys, need some help on these two choices.

I'm putting a 2nd system in my den which is about 15 x 13 x 8.5 feet. Acoustics in this room is pretty well balanced.

The prices of above speakers are identical. The Dynas might cost a bit more because of the stands, but minimal.

I'm just having a hard time deciding between the two because i cannot audition either one. Either have to be special ordered.

Anyhow, my amps range from Bryston 3bsst, to Mccormack DNa 125s to the Cayin A50t tube amp.

I dont play much classical music. Mostly jazz, pop music at times, light classics, vocals, etc.

Thank you in advance for inputs.
I have heard both of these speakers in the same room but with different electronics. I found the ProAcs to be fantastic. The Dynaudios were actually a little bit soft-sounding which was a surprise to me. The dealer agreed with me that the ProAcs are a little more detailed and analytical than the S25s. The ProAcs also had awesome bass.
I'm sure both of these are fine speakers, but how do know that you will really like either one w/o having auditioned them? This could end up being a risky move IMO, as many have gone down this same path only to get burned.
I have not heard the Proacs but am familiar with the dynaudio 25 and own a pair. I can tell you what I like about them. They disappear easily, I like to hear one large deep sound stage and the Dynaudios do that well. I think they have great detail but they are a bit on the heavy full bodied sound side, they do not sound light and airy. I find them to be very liquid sounding with my current set up but with the wrong cables I found them to be a bit grainy at the top end. The base is huge, deep and solid. I listen to Jazz, classical, pop. Prefer acoustic music, light detailed but want all the music, not just the mid range. Very very happy with the Dynaudio 25's .
I had a pair of D25's in my system for a while. Good, though not great speaker and I don't think a very good value for the money. Most importantly, I think your room is much to small to accomodate them. Can't comment on the Dynaudio's however, given your room size I would strongly recommend the Harbeth Compact 7. Take the extra money you save and apply it elsewhere in your system or buy some music. For $2500 or about $1500 used you cannot go wrong. They bettered the D25 in my room in all ways except bass depth (though the Harbeth's were more tuneful) and I'll bet they would hold their own against the Dynas.

I'm considering the Compact 7es2 as well. They seem to be getting good reviews.

Didnt you compare the 7es2 and the proac d25 and felt that the D25 was better than the 7es2 ?

I know you did the comparision review awhile back, did you in the end sell the D25 ?

In what ways did you feel the 7es2 was better than the D25 ?

I can't really add much more to the comparison I wrote a while back. Here is the link:

I would just reiterate, for your size room I fear the bass of the D25 will bloat and boom even more than it did in my much larger space. Most folks agree that the Harbeth Compact 7 works well in a smallish space and was designed for this purpose. Again, I haven't heard the Dynaudio Special 25 however my extensive experience with the newest Counter 3 and 5 series suggests that the Harbeth will provide a more "flesh on the bone" sound to the leaner and more sterile Dynaudio's. Again, I'm guessing here so Dynaudio fans please don't get out your guns.

Again, given your music preferences and listening space I do not think you can make a better choice than the Compact 7's.

Hope this helps.
thanks. will consider the C7ES2.

Dyns are more natural. They sound just right.
I would suggest giving the Harbeths a serious listen. I think they are superior to both the Dynaudios and the Proacs. I love the Proac 1SC's but feel the D25 is actually just okay. As far as the Dynaudios, I personally would pass. I auditioned them and left a little disappointed..

Good luck!

Curious: how do you compare the Proac 1sc and the Harbeth COmpact 7 es2 ?

Are they similar sounding ?

The 1sc is another speaker I can definitely consider.

I did listen to the Harbeth M30, and Compact 7 prior to purchasing the Dynaudio Special 25. I thought the Compact 7 was a nice speaker but felt the M30 much nicer, especially the upper frequencies, more liquid, more musical, no brightness or grain with brass. I really liked the M30 and can see it being the ultimate speaker for many. I however found it did not have as much wt at the lower end as I liked and after much head scratching went with the special 25. I think all are a great choice but would highly recommend a listen before purchase.
"Curious: how do you compare the Proac 1sc and the Harbeth COmpact 7 es2 ?

Are they similar sounding ?"

I would not call them similiar sounding. Each has their strengths. The Proac 1SC when properly setup and properly driven is hard monitor to beat. I would give the Proac 1SC's serious consideration.

Good Luck..