TOTL Headphone Amps

Looking for some feedback on what TOTL headphone amps people are using.  I used a Auralic Taurus MkII for a couple years, and I'm currently using a Rogue Audio RH-5.  I'm considering moving on to a Moon 430HA.  Has anyone tried the 430HA and RH-5?  Are there other headphone amps in this price range that I should be considering?
I have my Burson Conductor V2+ up for sale here if anyone is interested.

I also hear that the Glen OTL amps are fantastic. Just wait for 9-12 months though.
Thanks Greg!

I completely agree with @mitchb . Having also come from the Taurus Mk2, the 430HA is definitely a step up in resolve and mid bass detail. The 430HA has a speaker-like presentation, which I personally love.
Check out audio science review - great website. The reviewer regularly tests audio equipment (with measurements!), and this includes audio amplifiers.

The Topping A90 and DROP THX 789 are both excellent.

If you want even better than that, go for TAD Labs DA1000 (headphone out) Luxman, Denon - only the really top-flight stuff that costs several thousands of dollars...

One super important thing to remember - get an amp with a LOW output impedance. You don't want colorations in sound signature with amps. You instead want an amp that can fully express what your headphones were made to sound like.