TOTL cool running amps with fast 'warm up' time?

I really enjoy the pass labs sound but its a very hot amp that does require hours of warm up to sound its best. What TOTL amps are cooler and faster to get to optimum performance?
Some amps that come to mind... boulder 2000, 3000 series, Rowland 925... but not sure.
Is this for your Yamaha's?  I assume you are looking for long term flexibility to work with those and Wilson/Magico/YG etc....?  

Check out the AVM Ovation MA8.3 Monos.  I have a customer who has them and a pair here with me and they sound great relatively quickly and don't seem to run that hot.  

Price is insane but check out Naim Statement gear.  I have a friend who is running it with Magico M series speakers.  

I have casual experience with Boulder/Constellation/Burmester but all are wonderful.  Don't know about warm-up time on them.  
Thanks for those suggestions. This is for a theoretical end game system down the road. For now very happy with pass labs. If pass didn't generate so much heat though i'd prob stop right here. I may still end up staying here and accepting the heat because the sound is amazing.
Don't know much about AVM, will look into it.
The only amps I have ever liked run hot.  I  put the amps under the floor in the basement. 
AVM is a pretty cool brand.  They do a lot of hybrids and have a unique tube made for their input stages.  Udo who owns the company is an ex-Burmester guys so you get an idea of what to expect.  

Visually it is a little different.  They do a lot of clear tops and one of their all-in-ones used to be available in a completely clear case.  They show with a whose who of speaker brands.  
Look at Clayton Audio amps.  Class A but they have a low-bias switch so you can leave them on without heating the house or blowing up your electric bill. 
Rowland M925. Run very cool. I leave my on all the time except when I travel or when there is lightning in the vicinity.
Ya  rowland and boulder seem interesting. 

@mijostyn did you hear either? 

@soix will look into clayton