I would like to move up in the Totem line, from Rainmakers. Any suggestions for used monitors of the various models? Thanks.
why not go straight to the Mani-2's? Although - recognize they are not at their best unless you have a lot of power - but that doesn't mean they can't sound great with less than optimal power.

Otherwise - isn't the Model One the only upgrade if you want to stick with a Monitor (unless you manage to come across a set of Tabu's.

Why not also consider a floor stander like the Forest?
Thanks, Bdgregory. Space is an issue. What I'm trying to get is the very best sound from small speakers within my space limitations, 10x14.BTW, there no high end audio stores near me so the testing is via buying and selling. I do like the Totem sound, a friend suggests EPOS 12i as a substitute.
How about some Arro or Sttaf? They have a similar footprint t0 monitors on a stand and provide better bass. I think the Sttaf might be a great option as they are generally available used for not much more than the Arro and they are somewhat easier to drive.
What type of amplification will you be using?
H/K 3470 I also have a vintage NAD7175pe. Thanks for the info re Arro and Staff I hadn't consider these as options.
I would second the Arro recommendation, perhaps supplemented by a smaller sub such as the Hsu vtf-1 or REL T-3. The Arros takes up very little floor space and are hard to beat at their used price of ~$600-700. Best of luck!
I have 2 pairs of Arro and a pair of Sttaf. I love the Arro, but the Sttaf do provide more bass and are richer in sound. They are not as common as the Arro but they are worth looking for. They are just an inch or two bigger than the Arro, but the sound improvement is significant.

Note that they are Sttaf not Staff. Took me a long time to learn to type that. Totem has some strange names, but I love the sound.
the footprint of the Sttaf (and for that matter the Hawk and the Forest) is smaller than any stand you will be able to find for monitors - this is why I suggested the floor standers. It seems to be a prevailing assumption here that monitors take up less space and cost less than floor standers - which may be true compared to large full range floor speakers. But, IMHO the truth is you'd be hard pressed to find a stand mount speaker that will take up less space, cost less (including the stand), and out perform the compact floor stand speakers produced by Totem, and other comparable mfg's. If you intend to place them on a table or bookshelf - then a monitor is the only way to go, but if on a stand, you're kidding yourself to think monitor is your only or best option.

I have a pair of Sttafs and used them in a bedroom that's 10x12 - they are awesome sounding and very unobtrusive. Whether they are a significant upgrade to the Rainmakers is the reason I suggested the Forest. In your room though the Hawk may be a better choice, if not a Model 1.
If you're budget permits check out Totem the one, I paid $2,550 for a pair here on Audiogon
For the space that you have these should work great, holographic imaging is awsome it goes down to 50hz.
I use them with a jl Audio sub f113, for surrounds I have the Mites and the center is the Model one signature, for amplification I bought an Arcam avr400 the combination is awsome and powerful. You need to decide wheter you want monitors or floorstanders. My room is 20x20 and I dont feel that I'm missing anything so far.
Good luck