Totem winds driven by Sony 5500ES

Considering setting up a 5.1 home theater system based around the Totem Winds plus Forest, Model 1 signature center & Thunder subwoofer, all driven by a Sony STR-DA-5500ES. Will the amp be up to the job? Will the result be sonically acceptable or I will be wasting my money? None of the items yet purchased but would be impossible to demo them in a single UK shop.

Thanking you in advance.
I can't answer whether or not the amp will drive it
but I have the exact same setup speaker as you have
proposed. They are driven by Plinius Odeon and Three
MSB DAC's and the sound is suburb. I now have run into getting go quality recordings is my problem
The Sony will drive them for sure. how well or at what levels is another thing altogether and depends on you & your room. If the sub is active (self powered) the Sony will be driving oonly 5 spkrs. Predominately the front 3 much of the time..

if nothing has been bought yet your 'window' is wide open still and you should look at some of the HT systems here, and reviews to get a little better feel for what is needed.

You must have liked the Winds though already I suspect from a likely dealer listen. Were I to own the Winds, given their price tag and impeadence ratings, I'd want to ensure they would never clip so I'd soon add an outboard amp for them exclusively. In the interim.... I'd be very stingy with the vol knob.

The Winds not only will need power they need space too from what the Totem website says.
I don't believe the Sony likes to drive a 4 ohm load
The Sony will do it all day long, But it's not worthy of those speakers.

Look for a Rotel, NAD, B&K etc. receiver.

It's OK to start w/ the Sony, But you'll want to upgrade soon.
Thanks for the responses so far.

Somehow it seems I am fixated at using the Sony due to additional advantages eg Bravia sync....common remote,room equalizer, etc.. So, can I use the Sony as a preamp and also drive the other speakers while taking the output destined for the Winds to different amps when I have some more money to spend? Will the Sony room equalizer work correctly adjusting the output fed to the additional amplifiers (presumably by controlling the speaker output)?

Many thanks