Totem Wind

Totem's smaller 2-way speakers seem to garner a lot more press than their Wind model. I've enjoyed the Forests for a couple of years, but am contemplating an upgrade. Is the Wind a nice leap forward from the Forests? Does the multiple driver configuration integrate well? It's impressive what Totem has done with their smaller-enclosure speakers, but a fuller-bodied sound that stretches into a lower realm might be nice.
i have had the arros, model 1's, inwall taw 6.5's, and now i have all mani 2's. i was thinking going the route of the winds from the mani's and after i heard the winds, i am keeping my mani's. the winds are very nice, but the mani's are just more musical. if i had a dedicated home theater system, i wouldn't hesitate getting the winds. since i use them in a 85% audio / 15% ht setup, i prefer the mani's.
good luck