Totem vs Focal ?


I have become very interested in Totem and can get a very good deal on them...specifically the Hawk and the Forest...but can't find anywhere to audition.
I currently have the Focal 726v and use Bryston amplification ( 120wpc). I love the top end detail of the Focal, but find the mids and lows a little lacking and thin. Was wondering if anyone has opinions on the Totem, and especially vs the Focal. I have heard widely varied opinions on the Totem. I listen to mainly rock and blues.
" I love the top end detail of the Focal, but find the mids and lows a little lacking and thin. "

Totem probably worth a listen to compare.

Totems tend to be a harder load than Focal for amps to drive so results may vary depending on amp used. In general, I'd say Bryston/Totem is still a good match though TOtems are likely less efficient than Focal and may not go as loud and clear of any particular amp.
Hi, I've owned both brands and prefer Totem over the Electra series Focal for the same reason. I feel the Focal has the better high end and can be more holographic but doesn't hove the sound stage or the organic sound of the totems including the deep bass sound. All in all, I feel the Totems have surprised me with how real the music sounds. I have the 4 ohm Arro's but my next move will be the 8 ohm hawks?. I use a 100 watt hybrid Int amp.
I just bought a pair of Focal 807W's yesterday, and have been listening to them a lot. I'm really enjoying them, but I also have in the system a pair of subwoofers that provide a nice low end. I think the Focal highs and mids are really nice so far, and they're not broken in yet.
Totem is great match better then the Focals for your musical taste and style. I am also into Blues and rock such as Stevie Ray, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, to eric Clapton, doobie brothers, Van Halen, Journey and my new favourite band Daft Punk.

Totem is a versatile speaker for all types of music and gives you that, wow life like factor to any recording you through at it. Also the highs are just right and not too bright. If you are looking for a speaker that delivers bass without buying a separate subwoofor totem forest is the one.

Focal I have tried before but lack treble response and was too airy. I was considering focal for my low power 60 watt triode class A tube amp. And am having no regrets buying the totem forests in the end.I ended up putting 127grams of lead shoot in each speaker and wow low bass and greater life like detail better imaging then the Focals which the dynamics lacked with my amp. Not bad for a low powered Triode tube amp. Even my friends can't believe the
bass out of the speakers in a large living room.

One recording you should try with the totems if you have the chance is Stevie Ray Vaughans Little Wing. You can clearly hear his amp humming in the back round. And with the bryston is a great match, you should be able to drive them in any size room no problem!

I do not know why people say totems are hard to drive. My cary cad 120s drives them very well in a 1200 square foot room in triode mode 60watts which sounds just as much as Ultra liner mode 120watts though cleaner.

I would stick with totem especially paired with Bryston you won't be disappointed