Totem vs. Axiom $ per $

What's the best bang for the buck here. Being a Klipsch Cornwall owner, I'm intrigued by the size and weight of the 2 with qualty drivers. Is Axiom which is a direct ship from manufacturer a better buy $ wise. I know there are alot of Totem fans on Audiogon, so I'm opening a can of worms, but dollar per dollar, whats your Take???
as long as the worm can is open, check out both fritz loudspeakers, ohm loudspeakers, and av123 as well. have lots of speakers. axiom and totem both make some dandy speakers, but if bang for the buck is manditory, i would also check out the above.
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If bang for buck is primary, resale should be considered as well. For the most part, the direct products have much lower residual value and demand. Consumer confidence is way higher with a distributed product. Go Totem.
When considering bang-for-the-buck don't forget the bang .

You don't mention the intended use here but , if you want speakers for music I don't think that Axiom is a consideration . While they are cheap and sound good for H/T , I use their center and surrounds , I don't think that their excessive highs would put them in contention for 2 channel music use . I offer these comments after owning the above plus the M60 floorstanders as the front L/R speakers . The factory does offer , upon request , 3 resisters of differing values to swap out for the tweeters . They are plugin connections , not soldered ! They detune or rolloff the highs . YMMV .

Good luck .
Intended use is starting a new home theatre with M80's (?)up front. This will be my 3rd system set-up in the house, and the 2nd home theatre, this one in the basement. Thanks