Totem vs. aci emeralds vs. dreamcatcher or mites

I am looking to put together a ht/music system for a small room and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about ACI emeralds (or maybe sapphires used) up against the dreamcathcer system, mites or maybe even some arrows (used). I would be running them off of an NAD 753 a/v receiver. Performance for 2-channel is my main consideration. I want the home theater, but music is more important. Any thoughts or other suggestions for a system in a similar price range would be extremely helpful.

I haven't tried the ACI's, but I helped a friend set up a 2 channel/HT system using Totem Arro's for L/R and Dreamcatchers for the rest (with a Velodyne SPL-1000 sub). This setup sounded great, and has a very high WAF!