Totem users using Totem cable?

Anyone with Totem speakers using their cables? or what might you be using?
I have not tried Totem's cables. I've used Monster Cable, Romex, JPS Labs (twin runs of Superconductor, I think) and most recently, Joplin cables (true bi-wire) by Opera Consonance (got a good deal from a local A'gon member on them). The Joplins really made a tremendous difference over the JPS Labs which had been better than anything I'd used before. When I hooked up the Joplins, I found it necessary to completely elimnate toe-in. Went from speakers aimed just behind my listening spot to facing them almost straight ahead with very slight toe-in. The Joplins just seemed to convey a lot more (high frequency?) info and things got a little "bright" with all the toe in I had been using. Bass was recovered and tonal balance restored by facing them straight ahead. Just fyi...I've had the Forests for maybe 3 years now and only recently, after much trial and error, found a position that really seems to work in my listening area. Hope this is of use.
I'm using Totem Bi-wires with my Mani-2s. I've tried others, most notably PS Audio Statement bi-wire. The totems were an improvement, and don't have the bulk of the Statements
I have them on a diagonal, and ~4-5ft from the wall. You can see them on my system page.
Nice looking setup. I kept looking at the photos thinking, but you'll have no bass (speakers so far out), till I saw you were using a sub. Have you ever tried the speakers closer in? or does your room shape not allow? In the cases when I've gotten to play with Manis, most walls they liked to be fairly close, say 17 to 19 inches.
thanks Chas, I've tried them in multiple arrangements and they sound best as I have them. The bass is excellent even without the sub - I have the sub crossed over at 31 Hz, and often play without it. The Manis are flat to 30 Hz, so except in music with deep bass, it's almost ridiculous to use a sub. The room does allow other arrangements, but I find Totem's through a bigger stage with them well out from the wall. I chose this diagonal setup because it put's my Desk on axis. It sounds as good as any of the squared up options I tried.