Totem Staff or Pro Ac d15

Hello I am trying to find a wife freindly small floor standing speaker that performs like a larger speaker and gives good value for $> I have heard staffs at demo I found them to be rather good. I did not ever hear a pair of d15. wondering if anybody has compared them. Thanks for any input.
I owned the Response D15 and have spent some time with the Totem Staff, and have to say that the Response D15 would be my prefered speaker. A fairer comparison would be the Totem Forest with the Response D15.

The D15 in my mind more well rounded in its performance comparitive to the Totem Sttaf speaker and the ProAc mid-range outstanding! YMMV
i'm actually comparing the same speakers, like you it has to have high WAF. i demoed the proac, sound is what i prefer but the speaker is acutally pretty "big" so i'm leaning towards the sttaf which is a great speaker...
While I haven't heard that many speakers, I have had the opportunity to hear many different Totems. In my opinion, you're better off spending less and getting Arros or spending more and getting Hawks. While the Sttafs are nice sounding speakers, they are intended to be a little more forgiving in terms of upstream components. IMO, you're getting a better speaker with the Arros or Hawks (depending on your room size). While the Sttafs slot between those two price-wise (according to Totem's literature), I'm not convinced they do sonically. Can't comment on the ProAc comparison, because I haven't had the opportunity to hear them.