totem staff or model one signature

i have a totem staff that i enjoy.i have the opportunity to pick up a pair of model one signatures.upgrade? bass isnt an issue as a subwoofer will provide low end . thanks
In my opinion (and of course that's all it is), the Model One Signature sounds quite a bit better than the Staff, across the range -- more balanced, more resolving, more musical. But of course YMMV.
agree with dgaylin--model ones are superb; if you have a sub (or even if you didn't) they'd be my choice.
no comparison, model 1.
Totem Sttaf is a floorstander so it will sound different. The Sttaf is a pretty good in my book and it does not demand expensive electronics to sound its best.

Totem Model One Sig partnering with a good fast power sub like REL, Martin Logan, or Totem Storm will be a better investment than the Sttaf but you DO NEED good electronics like Sim Audio or Rogue monoblocks for the Model One to sound its best.

Outlaw power subwoofers are very good and fast. The only down side is that they are bulky. They are just as big as a coffee table:-)) If wife approval is a must, you better get a small sub like the Totem Storm, very fast and very handsome sub.