Totem Sinew vs Acoustic Zen Matrix ll??

I have a plinius amplifier and totem speakers? I have not heard the totem sinew but I have been able to try the acoustic zen. I was impressed by the Matrix (it blew away my audioquest jaquars) but I have heard that Totem cables offer some of the best synergy for their speakers. Is this true? and which one would you pick?
I have AZ marix matrix reference II and also Audioquest cheetah 72v dbs. Aq was much better cable, more transparent and with better inner detail-silence.
I have Plinius & Totem as well, but I'm using the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference IIs to good effect. Did you ever settle this issue for yourself?
Totem doesn't claim that their cables are the best to use with their products, and will gladly discuss upgrade options with you. They recommended Harmonic to me as a brand they've had a lot of success with.

I used Sinew in my system for quite a while, occasionally swapping them out for Acoustic Zen, Audioquest, Anti-Cables, 47 labs, and a few others. I didn't think that the minor sonic upgrades from these were worth the price until I tried Cardas Golden Reference. I'm now using Crystal Standard with my Mani-2's and am very happy with that combination.

Totem's cables are great mid-range offerings that are priced very attractively for what they do.