Totem Signature Ones with ML 33H

Hello, I am going to buy a pair of the Signature Ones to go with my 33h's. I was wondering if anyone has heard this combination?
Thanks in advance.
wich model of TOTEM ACOUSTIC ?????????
Rocc007, I am going to go out on a limb on this one but my guess is the he is looking at the "Totem Signature One" model of Totem Accoustic speakers. I think that when Dreamdesigns typed "Totem Signature One" he may have meant to type "Totem Signature One"

Sorry I can't be more helpful.
My bad gentleman. Yes, I meant the Totem Signature Ones.
Parasound Halo A21. I've been listening to A21 drive a pair of Wind Designs, very nice.
Hello my fellow audiophiles. I have an update. I purchased the Totem Signature Ones, had the dealer hook them up and I am truly speechless. My system consists of the Totems, the ML 33H's, the Linn AV5150 sub woofer, the Simaudio Moon P5 pre-amp, the Equi=tech theater power conditioner, cobalt interconnects, supra 3.4S ply speaker cables, and about five Shakti stones. I am still working on a source and plan to acquire the Wadia Ipod docking station. The dealer brought a Rega Saturn CD player to tune my system. I have to say gentleman, I have never heard my system sound better. I have trouble explaining it as it has become a chameleon. It changes depending on the music playback. The sound stage is immense and the background has a quietness I have never heard before. While I know that every component imparts is own sonic signature, I can no longer detect one in my system. There is nothing cerebral anymore, just pure emotion. What is interesting is the supra cable and the totems have not even broken in yet, so there is more to discover.