Totem Shaman vs Wind

I´m thinking of upgrading from Totem Mani-2 to Shaman or Wind. Anyone with experience in theese speakers?
I owned the Shamans and have heard the Wind . While the Wind is a great speaker , the Shamans are in another league. Fast transparent and coherent for a 5 way speaker! I loved them and would suggest auditioning them in your system as they need alot of clean power to perform to their potential. You can bi amp them to outrageous results . Totem makes great speakers and with either one , you will be very happy. Excellent customer service to boot. Vince and Lucy make up one of the great teams in all of audio.
I spoke with Vince on the phone a few weeks ago regarding upgrading my Hawks, and he suggested that the Mani-2 was a very finicky speaker but when it was setup correctly and driven with the exact cables and components it would rival speakers costing four times as much. He even admitted that Totem's own cables weren't nearly good enough to drive them properly!

Perhaps you should call Totem directly and discuss this with them? I've always found them to be very open and willing to talk to their customers.
I walked by a hifi room one day years ago, and the most amazing orchestra was playing in that room; just drew me in like magic tendrils. Turned out to be no orchestra in sight, but a pair of Totem Winds. Nothing else ever reached out to me quite that way, but I have no room for them myself.

Ghunter; did Vince get into any short list of good amps to pair with the Manis? I hope to work my way up in that direction...
I didn't ask him too much about a list, rather specifically about my current Audio Research VS110 (100wpc) and the VT220 (200w monoblocs) that I'm thinking of upgrading to. He said that although the VS110 is around the minimum power that he would like to see in front of a Mani-2, it would still work nicely without needing to upgrade to the more powerful mono amps.

More importantly (to my decision, that is) he mentioned that he'd like to see an ultra-high performance cable like those from Harmonic Research ($3k+) with the Mani-2 to get their full potential out.

I'm now trying to decide between a finicky speaker like the Mani-2 and the more easily set up Wind. After years of putting up with the extreme finicky-ness of a Naim system, I'm really leaning towards the simpler route. You may have more patience than me :)
I´m using Transparent Reference cables and Plinius SA250 for my Mani-2 which is really beutiful and the only change I maybe will do is to Shaman or Wind.
Although I´ve heard that many like Moon amplifiers together with Totem speakers.
why did you sell your Shamans?
Ulfdantes, Vince seemed to think that a properly set up Mani-2 would outperform the Wind. He didn't comment on the Mani-2 vs. Shaman as I told him the WAF ruled out the larger model for me immediately.
Ulfdantes , I purchased the Nearfield Pipedream 21 system to replace them .
I sold Totem for several years and have reluctantly sold non-totem brand bi-wire cable. Vince recommended to me when I purchased my Mani-2’s to use totems own (and he had no reason to sell me on it because he wasn’t making any money). Reason being is Totem bi-wire utilizes the same wire leads found on the internal crossover of the Mani-2, which ensure perfect continuity.

As for the Mani-2 being better than the Winds? Totally dependent on the size of the room, you will get excessive room boomy-ness with the winds if placed in too small of a room. However in a larger room the winds pull ahead. You will also achieve a little more resolution and information at the expense of fine focus (mani)

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Brainwater, thoose speakers didn´t look like an ordinary speaker.
Thank´s a lot Gunther, I´ve heard that WAF is almost as difficult problem as roomproblems.