Totem's with mid-power amplification?

Which Totem speakers (if any) do well with mid-power amplification? Specifically, I'm thinking of a Portal Panache integrated that puts out 100=>8ohms and 200=>4ohms. It's a great integrated, but I know the Totems like power. Any thoughts on compatibility? I like the Forests, the Model 1sig's, and the Mani2's - but haven't heard the other designs.

Also, are there any other similarly priced integrateds (i.e. $1000 used) that mate well with Totems?

Thanks, Peter
I should also say that I am considering Totem's in helping a friend put together a system in a largish "great room" - not sure of the exact size. So, some of the more bass shy models may be out of the question...
The hawks perform remarkebly with 100wpc.
i got your response on my thread,i3 sim 100 watter,totem rep said will be perfect with forest,portal panache should sound good,forests only require 60watt,s +.
I'll second the vote for the Hawks. I've used mine with 100wpc amps (both tube and transistor) since 2004 with great satisfaction. A truly great speaker, especially for the money. The Forests sound bigger, but not necessarily better as you lose some of the speed that the Hawks have.

I've just upgraded to the Mani-2, which has a lot of the same sonic characteristics as the Hawk. They're both very fast, very musical speakers that simply disappear in the room.

(disclosure: my Hawks are for sale here right now, but if you look at my forum history you'll see I've been raving about the Hawks for years)
i would try the hawks and possibly the forests. i would demo the speakers hooked up in your room using your equipment to see if you like them. i have had a pair of arros teamed up with amps as low as 30 watts (tube amp) in my den with good succes. if you were going to use a sub (like a rel or totem), the arros or the rainmakers would be a god choice also.
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