Totem Rainmakers experts needed

So Im putting together a lil system for my sons graduation gift. Figured better than the clich'e watch. All used and this this is what Ive got so far. The nice stands from Atlantis they are Im sure every bit as good as the Totem ones and look identical. And just picked up a RELQ 201e for the foundation. I will let him figure out his front end. Below are my choices and if you recommend any of these I know there are several different versions of each Id like to stick with the lower price points but will step up to 1K if its the way to go. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and impressions.

Rega Brio R can be had for 400-650 USD 
Naim Nait 5i 500-800
Primaire I20 / I21 500-1000

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(1); Consider one of the SIMAUDIO integrated amp offerings, and buy pre-owned if possible to save $$

Why? System synergy. As such, it would be #1 choice ..... full stop.

(A) SIMAUDIO and TOTEM are both based in Montreal and are used to voice each other’s products , and SIMAUDIO is frequently paired with TOTEM at the audio shows.
(B) TOTEM even had its own integrated amp , “AMBER” (discontinued) that was a joint venture between SIMAUDIO and TOTEM based on the SIMAUDIO platform
(C); A matched SIMAUDIO digital source front end then becomes a preferred choice for added system synergy

(2) Other pre-owned integrated amp options , based on what TOTEM uses at the shows


the common denominators in these are quality build and high-current performance to provide the necessary “grunt” to properly drive TOTEMS...... TOTEMS as a whole stable are well known as power hogs. I had the ARROS and FORESTS together in my prior systems, so I know their strengths and warts very well.

(3) Other comments

the REGA and NAIM are contenders and no pretenders, with their own bespoke signature sound that I suggest you audition first. It’s a marriage you may or may not like. with the Rainmakers , who have their own bespoke signature sound .

PRIMARE makes nice gear EXCEPT it has a very limited appeal, availability, and distribution in North America. If and when an upgrade or change is in the offing, you are very likely to have big trouble in even selling/ trading it, and equally challenged to get fair value therein.
Agree completely with the recommendation of a Simaudio integrated. I've owned three, along with three of their DACs and a CD player. Among the dozen or so amps I've owned over fifty years of listening the Simaudio gear really stands out for great sonics and exceptional build quality at a reasonable price.