Totem Rainmaker the new Tabu

Is the Totem Rainmaker the new Tabu?

The Rainmaker looks VERY similar to the Totem Tabu which was discontinued after the realease of the Forest (The prices were very similar). The only difference on the outside I can see is the woofer. But they even share the same 5 screw holes?

I wonder if the Rainmaker is now the new Tabu at a less expensive price point? If you have ever heard the speakers how would you compare the two?

It's kinda interesting...
The tabu used different drivers and a capacitor-less crossover design. Never heard the tabu, but people seem to have a love/hate opinion on them.
I just thought it was interesting that the Rainmaker looks like the Tabu (the speaker box ) but is at the price point of the Rokk. Its like Totem is trying to bring in some of the attributes of both into the new Rainmaker.

From what I have heard it sounds like a hawk but in monitor form with a little less bass? Can anyone comment on this?