Totem rain makers with wadia 151?

So I've kind of been all over the place lately with my audio gear obsession lately but this is what I'm starting to think: I'm thinking that I need a second system that isn't going to have alot of bass so that I can listen to it without bothering people around me and I need a good headphone set-up.

I really like the idea of a wadia 151 with a 170i dock; clean and simple. There is a 151 and some totem rainmakers for sale locally that I might be able to pick up for $1300 and I can get another 170i for $175. I like the idea of trying some totems and the rainmakers are the size I'm looking for because I don't want large amounts of bass because it seems that bass is whats going to travel through walls and that's going to bother people around me late at night.

I also want a good headphone rig and, today, I'm thinking maybe some hifiman he-500 with a hifiman ef5 tube amp.

What do you guys think? My main question is how is a wadia 151 going to pair with the totem rainmakers?

Btw, fwiw, my main rig is finally keeping me satisfied (a first, in the past 9 months since I've started this madness) and that's part of the reason why I want to be able to branch out a bit and be able to enjoy my music on a few other different levels.
Firstly, I can't speak to the Wadia, but the Rainmaker is an excellent speaker with detail, large soundstage and with tight bass; extremely enjoyable to listen to and won't pass bass thru to the neighbors.

Secondly, what happened to downsizing your system to fit into the apartment? Is system #1 a keeper?
Yeah, my main system is where I want it to be in terms of sound quality now (I really do think I'm done with upgrading it finally) and I'd like to have a second set-up for the kitchen /dining area so if I still feel like listening to speakers late at night without bothering anyone, I can do so there. I listened tosome sennheiser 650's yesterday and they actually sounded pretty darn good. When I got home and played my main stereo, I realized that the 650's lack bass but the detail was definately there withthe 650's. It still disappoints that there isn't a soundstage in front of you though, and that the sound is just more centered in your head, but other than that, I really liked the 650's; very comfortable, light, and they really did sound great. Def. the highest quality sound I've heard from some headphones.