Totem "Fire" Element series monitors

I see in a article from CEPro magazine (online) that Totem unveiled their new "Element" speaker line up, featuring speakers that utilize "crossoverless" woofers (full range) in their array.
I'm curious to know if anyone has had a chance to hear/audition these speakers yet? I guess they had a demo room set up at CES this year?
I believe some of the speakers in this line are available currently. Wondering if they are as successful sounding as other attemps offered over the years, using similar design methodology. If I'm not mistaken, I belive higher end pieces offered by Sonus Faber in the past - Electa and Minima Amators, as well as the Extremas - and the more budget minded Triangle loud speakers, all were mostly using basically full range woofer designs, with simple crossover network for the tweeter, to much success. Couild be a little off here.
Anyway, I'm interested to hear these and perhaps give em a go. I like the idea of having better dynamic control over the drivers, with the least amount of passive crossover components to congest things.
Anyone get a go at these yet?
I would imagine they are pretty darn good. They are not the type to rest on their laurels.
Oops. I see they are rather pricey at $6k range for the pair of monitors. These had better be DARN good at that kind of money!
Perhaps I should look for a used pair of Extremas, or maybe some Wilson Cubs or that I think about it more. Probably save a buck or two going this route.
Consider these:
Hi Roxy54. Have you ever heard a design with the RAAL tweeter in it?
The new Totem line uses a new driver designed by and manufactured for Totem that is said to solve a fundamental problem with dynamic drivers. It's a very pricey driver, one that Vince claims could never find its way into most companies' products due to the parts cost. I heard them briefly at CES but couldn't form an opinion. Look forward to hearing them again.

I may not remember correctly, but "crossoverless" is not what I recall about this design.
No, I have owned a speaker with a ribbon tweeter in the past, but I have never heard an RAAL, and I have never heard the Vapor speaker either. I only mentioned it because a member here bought it, and gave it a great review, and it looked like a lot of speaker for the money, about $3,500 I think. I would really like to hear it.
I have not heard the RAAL either, but it is supposed to be REALLY good.
Had a brief listen to the Fire at the hifi centre in Vancouver and I was mightily impressed. Connected to a naim superuniti the system truly played music and sounded properly good. It had rhythm and speed and threw a generous soundscape that was impossible to not groove to. At $6000 they cost a lot but I would short list them for sure if the ones budget is anywhere around the $6k mark. 100% deserving of a serious audition.
Haven't heard'em, but I think Reference 3a also offers crossoverless designs and their deCapo monitors are "only" around $3k. Personally I'd like to hear them both.
I have to concur the REFERENCE 3A is a very good speaker. But I do not doubt that the Totem Audio speaker are great as well. The Mani-2 sig is the best monitor I have ever heard.
I've been a long-time B&W fan and expected to upgrade from a pair of CM5's to the 805 diamonds. After a long audition, comparing the 805's to the Totem "Fire" monitors, I ordered a set of the Totems. Let's face it, both speakers are just plain outstanding! I'm not sure I'd say one was "better" than the other, though I preferred the more "forward" bass & midrange and the less "bright" highs, as well as the "depth" of the stereo image from the Totems. Though both speakers were technically very accurate, I also thought the Totems were a little more "musical". As I have a Velodyne Optimum 10 subwoofer, the low bass wasn't really an issue. I suspect, at this level, it's really a matter of personal preference, more than "objective" differences.