Totem owners

I own a pair of Model 1s as my primary stereo setup. Would a Mite TC center channel mate well with them?
I think a Mite TC would be just right. I have one with 4 Mites. Sounds really nice.
i would go with the model 1 center channel myself.
He did not ask if the Model 1 would mate well, obviously it would. The question was about the Mite TC.
muzikat, i know what he asked. i would recommend the model 1 center over the mite. my point is if you spent that much money already for a great pair of speakers, don't short yourself with an inferior speaker (compared to the model 1) in the center.
Maybe the Mite TC is all he can afford, or has found a really great deal on that speaker. Not to attack you Rb, but it happens all the time here and on other forums. Someone asks about a certain product, and without fail another comes in and suggests an upgrade would be better than the product in question.
Sygamel, my point is this. the model 1's are great speakers, i owned a pair for years (currently have 2 pairs of the totem mani 2's, and used to own a pair of totem arro's) so i am a little familiar with totem speakers. if you need a center channel speaker today and can't afford anything more than the Mite, go for it. if you can wait, i would until you can find (or afford) a model 1 center channel speaker. most people would tell you to use the same speaker for all 3 upfront speakers if at all possible. this way you get continuity between all 3 channels. good luck and let us know what you do.
Rbstehno and Muzikat
Not to ruffle any more feathers but I own two pairs of ROKK's and was hoping to mate the Mite T centre. I am on a budget but I also understand that there is a new rainmaker centre as well. Would the MITE mate well with the ROKK's or should I wait and save up for the rainmakers? HT is not my main system as I am a devout two channel listener but I am looking to put something together for HT when I buy a DVD player. The Rokk's move into HT and I upgrade my main system to larger speakers and will run them biamped.