totem/nad 316

Will the NAD C316BEE power rainmakers or the arros or i do I need to go to the 326BEE?


brian ( a musician trying to go cheap!)
The 316 will do great. You'd gain little going to the 326 IMO. If you want a real upgrade try the 375 someday.
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They will play and sound nice. Just don't expect much volume out of them.

I very recently tried out a 326BEE. I actually went to the shop with the intention of buying one. I took my little Silverline Minuets with me. I tried it out in a small listening room that was about 2/3 the size of my den and the little integrated just didn't have enough power to get to the volume that I sometimes like.

If an NAD is what you want, I'd suggest shopping around for a 356 model, for the headroom, if nothing else.

If you don't need to play it loud, the 326 did sound good with my Minuets, which seem to have specs similar to the Totems.

I'd go with the later model NAD for the reasons stated by Bob_Reynolds. It leaves more options open for the future.

Of course, for the price of a 326BEE, you could find something along the lines of a C162 pre and an amp for less than the cost of the 326.