Totem Model 1 vs Totem Arro

These two Totem speaker models had more or less the same price, and it was natural to choose between the two when one was interested in the Canadian brand.
The Arro is still currently on Totems catalog but the Model 1 is only available on the Signature version, much more expensive.
I have the Arro (love’em) and I wonder if the Model 1 is superior, specially in the bass quality?

Does anyone have any experience in comparing these two models?



I would suggest not going below the Oval 9's for a good match to the Model Ones.  I used both Oval 9's and Oval 8's with my Totems.  The 8's will give you better base and more transparency but the 9's are a better value, imo. 

Also, if you allow me to spend some more money for you lol get the Plinius 9200 integrated amp.  Its an older model but pairs exceptionally well with Model ones.  Also has a very good phono stage if you spin records.

Marco1, seems that we are on the same page, since I am looking for a Plinius 9200 for some time now. In the past I had not one but two 8150 and I surely miss them.

As for the Oval 9 they are a bit pricey for me and hard to find here in Europe.

The Vincent SV237MK works well with the Arro, so I expect a similar result with the Model 1.

Did you ever tried the Totem Truss speaker cables?

Well if you had the 8150 then you know what to expect with the 9200.  Only with the 9200 you'll get so much more.  Plus if you're in Europe you're playing in 220v.  The 9200 in 220v sounded as good as their separates. I'm in the US and at the time I ran a dedicated 220v circuit just for my Plinius.  Never tried Truss cables.  Good luck in your search.

I’ve owned the TOTEM ARROs and TOTEM FORESTs in prior systems , so ai know the TOTEM sonic signatures, strengths, and warts very well.

which speaker model you choose will be predicated by the amount of “grunt” ( and that means current = amps ….WPC alone are meaningless) it can deliver. TOTEMs are power hogs …the ARRO is easier to drive in my experiences, But the small midrange / bass driver means compromise on bass reproduction based on elementary physics.

I experimented with numerous speaker cables, from budget to the expensive. In short, I’d stick with the Ag coated over Cu models. The ones that immediately come to mind are the CHORD RUMOUR X , CHORD ODYSSEY, and TOTEM TRESS


- Save your cash and don’t blow the wad on expensive speaker cables. Rather, stay with the mid-priced ones listed above. Expensive options disappointed …they produced somewhere between negligible / minimal / meh? depending on the rest of your system,

- The TOTEM TRESS are in-house cables modelled after the class-leading CHORDs, specifically the original RUMOUR.( current model is now the RUMOUR X)

- I like the CHORD ODYSSEYs in that are identical in materials and build to RUMOURs EXCEPT FOR being a double thickness. It made for a bit more slam and dynamics for me. BUT …they cost double too so it may be a non-optimal choice for some in the $$$ vs VALUE proposition.

- The TOTEM speakers are internally wired with their in-house TRESS cables… it’s intuitive that extending the same cable or proxies works well.


the CHORD RUMOUR X as the premier $$ to performance choice. Curiously, I’m guessing that their bespoke upgraded shielding when compared to the TRESS,, and an ethereal “who knows exactly why” factor were a slightly better performance reasonin my system.

The RUMOUR X model is a class leader rated contender and no pretender

they are $$$ comparable to the TRESS.