Totem Model 1 vs Totem Arro

These two Totem speaker models had more or less the same price, and it was natural to choose between the two when one was interested in the Canadian brand.
The Arro is still currently on Totems catalog but the Model 1 is only available on the Signature version, much more expensive.
I have the Arro (love’em) and I wonder if the Model 1 is superior, specially in the bass quality?

Does anyone have any experience in comparing these two models?



I would suggest not going below the Oval 9's for a good match to the Model Ones.  I used both Oval 9's and Oval 8's with my Totems.  The 8's will give you better base and more transparency but the 9's are a better value, imo. 

Also, if you allow me to spend some more money for you lol get the Plinius 9200 integrated amp.  Its an older model but pairs exceptionally well with Model ones.  Also has a very good phono stage if you spin records.

Marco1, seems that we are on the same page, since I am looking for a Plinius 9200 for some time now. In the past I had not one but two 8150 and I surely miss them.

As for the Oval 9 they are a bit pricey for me and hard to find here in Europe.

The Vincent SV237MK works well with the Arro, so I expect a similar result with the Model 1.

Did you ever tried the Totem Truss speaker cables?