Totem Model 1 vs Totem Arro

These two Totem speaker models had more or less the same price, and it was natural to choose between the two when one was interested in the Canadian brand.
The Arro is still currently on Totems catalog but the Model 1 is only available on the Signature version, much more expensive.
I have the Arro (love’em) and I wonder if the Model 1 is superior, specially in the bass quality?

Does anyone have any experience in comparing these two models?



This Saturday morning I went to my dealer and listened to the Model 1 and I must say that they certainly made a good impression... so good that I will change my Arro for them, this Thursday.
Luckily my stands are the Target R4 that were recommended by Totem, so I expect a good integration with my room and system.
Also I got a pair of used-mint Straight Wire Encore speaker cable and must say they really work with the Arro, so they must be great with the Model 1 and specially the Thiel CS.5, the main reason why I got them. Great cables!



Good to read that you are enjoying the SW Encore with Thiel CS.5 loudspeaker.

Another +vote for Totem Model One.


Happy Listening!

Model Ones are great speakers and as you've already found an improvement over the Arros.  If you get the itch for trying new speaker cables try some Analysis Plus.  Very good with Totems and i think you'll find them even a better match than Straight Wire..