totem model 1 signatures vs. acoustic zen adagio

anyone heard both? thoughts on the difference in sound? using ss and tube gear, 120 wpc electrocompaniet amp and tad tube preamp.medium size room, listening about 10-12 ft distance.
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not familiar with zen but totems are excellent but need a lot of power to shine.
not familiar with the totems but zens are excellent and have a benign impedance curve and decent efficiency. sound good with a wide variety of amps.
I have had the forests and really liked them,they offered a clarity that my dynaudio 1.3se,s didnt.Plus floor stander bass response.I now own the adagio which is more to my prefference.A little darker,warmer sound.Fuller overall sound stage.Two different animals.Depending on your music prefference....hard to compare stand mount with floor stander,mani refs thats another story.
totem allrounder