Totem Model 1 Signatures best speaker cables

Well I took the chance that all the posts steered me away from. I bought some Model 1 Signatures and hooked them up to a tube 30 watt integrated and love it. I can't tell you how many posts say you need 100, 200, 300,..... watts to drive them. I almost didn't try it except one Audiogonner can't remember his name said they sounded great with CV tube amps. So I took the plunge and made an offer on a pair of Model one signatures and the offer was accepted I received them (thank you Matthew) and am in awe.... They sound fantastic everything the posts say driving them with a bazillion watts, they sound great with 30 tube amps. So my question is cables I am using Nordost Red Dawn biwired speaker and interconnects and everything is incredible but cymbals they come to forward not really bright just not attached with the drum set they move forward of the set out into the room if that makes sense? So thinking a lot of posts mention Nordost are a little bright so thought of rolling tubes and or changing cables. So what are all the Totem Model 1 Signature users hooked up with cabling? Any tube users EL34 base with 12au7 front what tubes are you using. I can't imagine any improvements to the bass mids they are truely bringing the performance into the living room. Any suggestions or comments? Thank you
I agree with your observation regarding the red dawn speaker cables. I recently had the chance to borrow a nordost demo case (for 6 weeks) which had the blue havens through the freys. What I noticed was as I moved up the line was the high end sounding a little less bright and more in focus with each step up. Also as I moved up I noticed more 'air' in between the vocals and instruments. I did stretch and buy the freys although the heimdall's were extremely close.

Now my equipment is a bryston b100 and dyn c1 speakers. I personally did not care for the ic's comparing them to my fusion audio interlocker II's.

Since nordost is not cheap I would recommend (if possible) borrowing the baldur's and heimdall's if you have a local dealer and they are in your price range.
ok I have a complete totem set up, with the model one sig, being my center. my mains are totem winds. I would stay away from any and all nordost with totem, they are of a freq that just doesnt blend well. I was even with Vince (of totem) the other night, and he tends to stay away from that line of cables.

Now if you are looking for a cable or even speaker wire that as you said puts the cymbles and drum kits where they are suppse to be, check out Audience au24 or even better their E version. Audience are very dynamic but clean, not over the top. they are just real, nothing added, but they really shine in the aspect of putting instments where they belong. Plus they work very well with totem. I went through alot of cables, from siltech, kubala, and even nordost, but in the end, the audience was for me the most "live music" sound that I found, and with totem they match very well.
Thank you for the feedback. I have tried a few cables and interconnects and moved the speakers all around and just keep going back to the Nordost for the depth and deep sound stage but just not getting the live sound across the range sometimes it is there then the cymbals or drums just don't come out right, I will try to hunt down some Audience cables same for the interconnects? Biwire or jumpers? Anyone else with Totems and cable feedback?
Thank you for the Nordost thoughts moving up the line. Unfortunately I am not near a place to gather a demo kit so I am and have been using the Audiogon for everything. Any other speaker cable ideas? Thank you
hi Johnbonn,i could recommend the coincident cst speaker cable,theres few right now on audiogon,check the prices and if can go with the coincident trs better,coincident has the new extreme line that is very very good if you can go with the new line better,if not start with the cst,even with the cst the difference in sound versus others cables is remarkable,i try them all and is one of my favorites speakers cables. Regards Carlos
Volcom15 thank you for your feedback biwire or straight with jumpers and if with jumpers any suggestions I don't see any biwire sets. Thank you
XTi16, did you manage to audition the SPM Reference speaker cable side by side with the Frey? If you have, how did they compare?

I can attest to Xti16's comments in that one would get greater air and refinement with less brightness in the high frequencies once you move up the Nordost line. I owned Super Flatline Gold, Blue Heaven and SPM Reference. (skipped Solar Wind and Red Dawns in the process)
hi Johnbonn,we use it straight and with same cable jumpers,when buying the cable ask for a set of jumpers,it sounds super nice and save few bucks from biwire also can use the money on other tweaks,remember if can try the extreme line,i know youll like it and since you are using tube amp would bring the best of them,Regards Carlos
Didn't care for these. Found them bright after awhile got tired of listening. Just not my cup of tea. Guess that's why you have to listen for yourself. Just my opinion.
Sig 1's are not bright, they will however show up any in your system .
Ran Analysis Plus with my Model Ones for years.  Ether Oval 9 or Solo Crystal match very nicely.  For tubes i would try Mullard reissues. 
+1 for oval p's with sig 1's. Oval 12 works well to . AudioArt 5SE  is good as well.
I am getting good results with MIT shotgun biwire speaker cable on my Model 1s, using VTL mb-125 tube amps. I do confess, though, that I prefer the amps in tetrode rather than triode with these speakers. I would also recommend Audioquest Gibraltar speaker cable - especially since you can get it for half price at the moment. Hands down, that is what I would buy if I was in the market for speaker cables right now.

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