Totem Model 1 Signature amp question.

I'm looking for more opinions on amplification for Totem Model 1 Signatures. I understand that the Model 1 Signatures need a lot of quality power to get the most out of them. Will a Jolida 1501 hybrid(100w/8ohms) be sufficient? Can the Jolida drive 4ohm loads?

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totems do need quality power. i am using a pair of odyssey monoblocks with my totem model 1's and are very pleased. i did a test with my totem arro's. I normally have the arro's hooked up to a onkyo receiver (909 series with over 100 watts) in my den system. they sound pretty good. I hooked them up to my oddyssey/classe setup and it was night and day difference. more authority, more of everything. IMO, you will need to try out the amp/speaker setup yourself.
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My setup is going in my den(about 18'X18') and I want the best $1Kish or less monitor for that setup. Totem Model 1's or Mani 2's are currently on my 'most wanted' monitor list although I'm sure the Mani 2's definitely won't make it with the Jolida 1501 or at least they won't sound their best and finding them in my price range is a big reach as well. I've seen Model 1 Signatures for around a grand and I've been looking at Von Schweikert VR 1's as well in that price range. The VR 1's should be fine with the Jolida but if I could get either at the same price(and if it would work well), I'd probably lean towards the Totems. I haven't got any positive responses on the Jolida/Totem combo so maybe I should wait until I get a better amp. I emailed Totem about it also. Hopefully they'll have some good insight.

Thanks again.
my suggestion would be to audition the totem's with your current setup, not just your amp. If you like the way a speaker sounds (you have heard them elsewhere), and you want to buy used, you will probably have to purchase a pair and then hook them up to your system. what's nice about audiogon is that if they do not sound right with your setup, you can always resell them. as for not receiving any positive responses for your combination, you haven't received any negative responses either. again, I would listen to what my ears tell me rather than hearing from somebody else.

Thanks very much for your reply. Unfortunately, I do not have a Totem dealer close (nearest is about 8 hours away). I do have a Von Schweikert dealer locally so I'll be going out on a limb from the reviews with the Totems. That's why I'm hoping that maybe someone here on Audigon has tried the amp combo or a similar combo. I'm definitely going to let my ears decide ultimately but there is a wealth of experience and knowledge here that hopefully it can help some with my decision.

Thanks again.