totem model 1 signature

i have a chance to get a used pair for about $1000. i currently am using paradigm reference studio 20's v.2 with a simaudio i-5 integrated. i usally spin vinyl. i have a fairly small listening space and would like to be able to position the speakers closer to the back wall, and i hear the totem's are good for this. 2 questions: do folks think that the totem's are step up from the paradigm's? i like the paradigms, but would like a speaker that delivers more transparency than ive found the paradigms capable of. and is the i-5 going to have any difficulty driving these somewhat inefficient speakers?

You'll have a big step-up from Paradigms since they're also great nearfield.
They're exceptionally detailed and clear sounding and I-5 can rock them with ease although I'd prefere Plinius 8200 or Primere with these speakers.
IMO, it would be a huge step up. when i owned a pair of model 1's, i had them 3ft from the back wall, and my mani 2's are further from the back wall. i would not recommend putting the totem model 1's close to the back wall because of the rear port. i had a pair of totem arros and they could be setup very close to the back wall. also with the model 1's, the more power an amp has (not watts, current), the better. there was a huge difference in sound when i hooked up the model 1's to my 140 watt onkyo receiver in my den setup to when i put them in my audio room using a pair of odyssey monoblocks.
thanks folks...sounds like i better try and grab the model 1's...however, would appreciate any further comments particulary from owners of the model 1(and if you're using the i-5 even better).
Anything would be a step up from Paradigm. Sorry for being sarcastic but I don't think I am too far from the truth.
Get the Totems. Great speakers in a small room (or bigger). If your electronics are in order you will love them. They do have to be a foot or so into the room, and if you put a cabinet or bigscreen between them make sure the fronts are out past whats in the middle. If not you will never experience the rock solid center and great imaging they are famous for. No I dont have Totems now, but yup, Im still a big fan.
the paradigm's were my first step into more expensive speakerdom...i never found them bad, but then again, had nothing to really compare them with. one thing that i could never get them to do, and am hoping the totem's will deliver, is transparency. i got very good center imaging from them, but the side stage was limited to the speaker's themselves, no matter how much i experimented with positioning. i would love to have speaker's that essentially disappear.

can anyone comment on how well the model 1 sigs provide transparency?

thanks again for all your comments.
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I have heard both, and would consider the Totems to be a very significant step in the right direction. They are very strong in the imaging/soundstage/transparency thing, especially for their price range. I would have bought a pair for my office system if I hadn't heard the ProAc Tablette Reference 8's. ;^p