Totem Model 1's Vs Model 1 Signatures

Does anyone know the major difference between the Totem Model 1's and Model 1 Signatures? I have heard that the Signatures have better bass extension. Other than that i do not know anything more. Would i be fine to drive the model 1 with a Primaluna Prologue 2? Your advice would be appreciated.
Was about to post a thread but stumbled on this one. I was equally interested to know whether there would be any substantial difference going from the Model 1 to the Signatures. Any advice would be appreciated.
I have owned both & there is a difference. Not huge, but certainly noticable. I found the signatures more open, with better sound stage presence and depth. For me, I found the signatures worth the $400-$500 difference in price.
I managed to listen to the Model 1s in my system. Matched with Naim amps the Model 1s sound quite superb.

Michael5959, thanks for the information. So the Model 1 Signature is quite a bit better than the original Model 1. What about "The One"? Is this substantially better than the Model 1 Signatures? The One is priced significantly higher as well.

Any advice would be appreciated.