totem model 1 owners

hi, I have a pair of model 1 signatures on the way and am curious to know how other owners have them set up. specifically, how far from the back and side walls, the room dimensions, stand height, and toe in. would also like to know which amp works well with them and if using a sub, which one? thanks!
This is what Totem recommends for placing all their speakers, and it's worked very well for me:

positioning is very dependent and experimentation is the key

we recommend a systematic procedure where (with the same song track) you place the loudspeakers 1 foot from the back wall and do small increments forward until you reach the desired spacing

you should focus on bass extension, depth and decay

next place the units 4 feet apart and in small increments further the spacing between them

you should focus on imaging, soundstage and 3 dimensionality
I have a pair of Model 1 Signatures that were set them up using the method suggested on the Cardas website. See:

When the speakers were placed close to the back wall the bass response was more pronounced, however, soundstage (important to me) suffered greatly, especially depth.

I have used them with both solid state and tube electronics (cj Premier 14; PV10A; 2250A; MV50) and prefer tubes all round. Toeing them in very slightly (almost not noticeable) works in my room.

After trying a number of subs, I ended up with a REL Strata II and have been very happy with it, preferring it to the first sub that Totem sold—the now discontinued Lightning. I found that the RELs not only integrate well with the Totems but also with my Rogers LS3/5As.

Depending on the kind of music you listen to (me, I listen mostly to classical and smaller jazz ensembles), you may want to explore the use of Totem Beaks. I have four...their effect is quite noticeable (sound staging especially) on the Totems, but doesn't seem to have an effect on the Rogers. Perhaps it's my imagination.

By the way, after experimenting with numerous cables I chose Cardas Hexlink 5C Golden biwires. A lot of other cables sounded bright with the Totems. That they can sound bright in some sytems is a complaint that I've heard about the Model 1.
i had mine 4.5 ft from the back wall and 3.5ft from the side walls. very little toe-in with target 4 pillar stands filled with sand. i also used odyssey stratos monoblock amps. i also used a rel strata III sub. check out the cardas website to get some insight on where to start the placement of your speakers.
thanks for all the great info!

violaguy, how did the mv50 sound with them? enough power?

interesting that 2 of you had them mated to rel stratas, it must be a good match. did you guys run the totems full range?

thanks again!
I own Totem Model One Signature as well (outstanding speakers):

placed some 7 feet apart. No toe-in. 2 feet away from the walls. Mounted on 24 inch high stands.

Room is 14 feet high ceiling some 20 feet in depth and 14 feet in width (loft appartment). Sound has no problem filling the space, even with a 45 watt by channel tube integrated.

Listen mostly to acoustical, classical, voice, opera...musicaly breathtaking !

connected to Conrad Johnson CAV 50 (Totems just sound astounding with tubes) and Rega CD player. Audioquest cables.

Very synergetic match between these components. Enthralling is the word.
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rel recommends using your main speakers full range with no crossover in the low freqs. the only time i would want to crossover at the lowest freqs is if i was going to crank the volume. in normal listening sessions, you would run your model 1's full range anyway. there are many subs out in the market, but very few match the quality of REL. for stands, i have always used the target 4 pillar filled with sand. they look good and are built like a tank. they weight about 150lbs each with all of the sand installed.