Totem Model 1

I can buy a pair local, for $600. I think they are 17 years old. Should I pull the trigger and buy them?

I'm thinking about pairing them with a w4s Mint...
Those are one of my favorite small monitor box speakers. I sold Totem for many years and always loved that model.

If they are in good shape cosmetically and mechanically, $600 is a great price.
Totem Model 1 sigs are awesome...I 2nd! They need a good sounding 100w per channel amp to make them really sing. Also, stands will be important, to make the most of this speaker.
I think I've narrowed it down to these Totem model 1's (not the Signature edition, unfortunately) and a pair of mid 1990's Monitor Audio Gold 2.5's...

The Monitor Audio's are $400. The Totems are $600. I'm on a somewhat tight budget but if the Totems are going to be $200 better, I'd go for those.

The Totems and Monitor Audio's are probably close to the same age (15-18 years old, which kind of scares me). The woofers surround on the Totems looks to be some type of foam (?) but I could be wrong. They are the original dynaudio (?) drivers.

The Totems look like they are living in a little bit dustier, messier home, where as the Monitor Audios look like they are living in an ocd dudes home (no disrespect because thats actually how I live and prefer to buy stereo gear from people like this)

Just to be clear, associated equipment I'm thinking about going with is either wyred 4 sound mint or possibly a peachtree nova 125.

I like all kinds of music, but I listen to bass heavy house (techno) music. My room is only 13x11 though.
For Techno just buy the MA's.
Well I dont only listen to techno. I listen to everything. Jazz, classical, female vocals, rock...I'm big on imaging, tight well defined bass, airy extended highs. I don't like a lean sound. I prefer sweet, musical and warm with some meat on the bones.

I haven't really auditioned any Monitor Audio speakers but I did listen to some Totem Arros for awhile and really kind of liked them...

Why do you recommend the Monitor Audio's?
Both of those speakers have lively and somewhat elevated top ends, not warm and sweet. I've owned model 1 sigs and several MAs, but not that model. I'm not sure either are your cup of tea, but I love the imaging on the totems.
The Dynaudio driver that is in the Totem sig 1's does NOT use foam it is a one piece molded polymer cone with a rubber surround. Also, it uses a wonderful 3" (that's huge) voice coil, this is what sets it apart from the MA. Spend the extra $200 its worth it.
mattmiller speakem truth...devils in the details
okay, so I bought a Peachtree Nova Pre / 220 combo for a good deal so that's what I went with. I also bought the Monitor Audio's but they don't play as loud as I would like, the bass is not very well defined on some tracks and it is a little too bright, mainly in the mids...

So, should I off the Monitors and get the Totems? It's going to be a 350 dollar jump since Im going to take a loss on the Monitor Audios now...

The Totems are the original Model 1's and not the Signature's.

He has the stands that came with the speakers and I could probably swing them for an extra Benjamin.

If not the Totems, what speaker in the 600 range or less? I like well defined bass, good imaging and good tone, silky vocals, shimmering highs, good dynamics.

I've only ever auditioned Totem Arros but actually was pretty dang impressed by them.

Should I be looking at something else? Dynaudio? ,,,??
keep saving your money for the best speaker you cab drop your dollar impatient so its me calling the kettle...youll a lot more content.
I'd grab them in a blink of an eye once I knew they were in good working order for that price.
If you can buy Model 1's for $600 I'd snap'em up in a heart beat. I sold my original Model 1's awhile ago for +/- $1,000 (can't remember exactly) and felt like I was giving them away.
Thanks Mapman and Marco :)

I think I'll be getting them sunday afternoon. I'll report back and let ya'll know what I do!
Aww crap, was finalizing things on the totems and he informed me one of the tweeters has a small dent. Thats a deal breaker for me.
Great feed gentlemen. I have to say however that my home is very clean and dust free. Especially the Totems. I put them on a salvaged Solid Koa wood side table. Though it shows some wear it does create a nice solid surface when I can't set on the Totem stands I normally have them placed on. My music room had to be refurnished for my sickly daughter and I do what I can here. The only reason I have even considered getting rid of these amazing speakers was because of the current expense of health care. I have to say however, after calling Vince Bruzzese of Totem , whom I met here in Colorado at the Rocky Mountain Audiofest, which I recommend you guys go to if you've never attended by the way, I'm keeping them. His feedback was that the dent in the tweeter regardless of the size, won't be an issue with the integrity of his speakers and that unless it is purely an aesthetic issue, He still recommends not repairing them because they have been broken in over the years and may lose some of their acoustic appeal.
Great speakers at amazing prices come and go. I'm sorry you missed out on this one B. I have made the decision to keep them regardless of my situation, because they truly make me happy in so many ways that are worth much more than the mere $600. Enjoy life fellas, Press play to go!
I love those speakers with dented tweeters...fully broken in ;)

I went with some Bogdan built speakers for a little more but am glad I did. It's nice how things work for the best sometimes. We both ended up with nice speakers.

Didn't mean to offend you by the dusty comment. Sometimes things look dustier in pictures than they really are. I think it's admirable that you were willing to part with something you enjoy so much for so little in order to help your daughter, I really do.

Enjoy the Totems!