Totem Mani 2 sig what do you think?

A few weeks ago I listened to a set of Totem mani 2 speaker at a dealer. I brought my own amp because I heard the mani 2 sig can be somewhat demanding of the amp. To my ears and to those of my girlfriend the combo sounded very good indeed.

But in my head I heard the little voice "Mani 2 speakers need more power then my amp because that is what I read at all the fora and reviews". Now my question is. Is the mani 2 really all that demanding of the amp. Is there a nog difference between the current and older models of the mani 2. Would my amp of aprox 100W into 8 ohm really be up to the job. Are the speakers on the markt that can deliver such a nice powerful bass, and such an open mid. My only concern was the high of the mani 2. My living/listing room is about 27 square meter so that is rather small so huge speakers that take up a lot of room are out of the question.

So any tips and or advise?
You might want to check this thread I started a few years ago "Upgrading to Totem Mani 2's".
Your aural perceptions of a 100 watt amp and the mani,s sounding pretty good is also what I thought. Then I heard them with high current , high wattage amps. Thats when you will get the most out of them. And the differance is significant. Cheers
I used a classe 200 watt amp and they sounded very good. When I hooked them up to the macintosh 1000 watt mono blocks or the 352, that's when they excelled.
I just read your thread about the mani 2 sig. Do you still use the tube amps?

I really in doubt wether the mani-2 are the speaker for in the future. Right now I cannot afford them, new or 2nd hand. My girlfriend decided we need a new bathroom and new motorbike first.

The amp I use is an integrated Symphonic Line La Musica. I just love that amp and if it means that is is to lightweight for the mani-2 I will look at another speaker I cannot see myself buying another amp comming decade.

The rest of my set is:
CEC TL51x transport
Wadia 12 DAC
VPI scout with Lyra dorian
Impulse aria se speakers.
Actually still using tubes but no longer have the Mani's. Went the Quad route instead. Right now I'm running the Model Ones with my tubes. If you cannot afford the Mani's, check out the Model Ones. You can pick-up an original pair (not signatures) for well under $1,000 used. They don't have the bass or quite the fullness of the Mani's but an excellant speaker (2nd best to Mani's IMO) if you like the Totem sound.
have anyone heard the mani 2on a bryston 4bsst2 , and if so how did they sound.
Everything you read about the Mani-2 Sig says you need 200w + to hear what they can do.

Those using integrated amps probably do not understand what the fuss is about and move on to other speakers, having missed out on hearing the full potential.

This is true of any speaker that loves current, but extremely so with speakers using the isobaric loading technique, which the Mani-2 Signature does.