Totem Mani 2 At The Thrift

I found a pair of these at the thrift store the other day, and the more I listen to them the more revealing they are.
And the more amazed I found them the way I did. 
They are sitting on top of a pair of Yamaha NS 1000's, also a thrift find from a decade ago, and the Yamaha's may envelope the room more obviously I am hearing thing coming out of the Mani's that I have not heard with the NS 1000's.
Using a Adcom GTP 400 Pre, and an Acurus A250. I need to pull out my Yamaha CR 2040 and see how they sound with that.
They put so much stuff on their website for sale I was surprised they put these out. I would love to know what was driving them, but I bet they kept that for their website.

(All of the above equipment has come from the thrift over the years.)
A nice find I'd guess. Not my 'ever-after' speaker. I remember these from showrooms and enjoyed them by and large. I'd look for leaner electronics.  But you did a good job! Have fun.
Nice find I guess........where are the Emoji’s. Leaner?

I have only ever had a couple small Speakers that were worth keeping, Kef 102’s, and Tannoy system 800’s so what I am going by for comparison is limited.

Still nice find for a junk shop to say the least. It’s very tough to get anything worth a damn anymore out of them, although it’s possible......

(I never give out prices I pay, but I paid very little for them)
That is an amazing find at a thrift.  Some family dealt off some great speakers (I hope the deceased audio nut is still resting peacefully...).  I ran a pair of these for several years, then went up to the Signature version.  I definitely would NOT go with lean electronics on these!  They do best with SS amps, due to their impedance and the isobaric bass driver design, but I would lean toward the warmer ones.  Their weakness is a tendency toward hardness in the upper mid's to lower treble, and that's where the amp choice (and speaker cables) can tune things in.
I have a pair and love them. Soundstage is huge - deep and wide. They need power. I drive mine with a pair of B&K M200 monoblocks that were modded by musical concepts. You also need some good solid stands. I’m also using the Totem silver speaker cables.