Totem Mani 2 and Ps Audio BHK 250


I’m evaluating some loudspeakers to pair with my new Ps Audio power amp, what do you think about the Mani 2s, could they be a good match?

Any other suggestions in the 2000 - 3000$ range, used?

Thank you very much

I would listen to as many speakers you can before I made a decision. 


While I can’t speak to the BHK, I can say that, to this day, I’ve never heard a “bookshelf” speaker that’s as good as an all-around performer than the Totem Mani-2. I first heard them 20+ years ago at my local dealer who has since gone. They were hooked-up to a Macintosh integrated. The sound left such an impact on me...couldn’t believe how big & powerful these stand-mounted speakers could play! I thought full-range was the realm of big floor standers or needed a sub, but the Mani-2’s certainly sounded full-range enough for me. We listened to most of the first side Dark Said of the Moon & I fell in love. Alas, they were out of my price range back then & I ended up going home with some fine B&W 601’s. But they were certainly not the Main-2’s!!!

Since then, I’ve had the chance to hear Mani-2’s in three other systems. Every single time, the take away has been the same:  how can so much sound, with all this presence, detail & musicality come from these smallish boxes? 

I’ve since moved on to Thiel 3.5’s, but every time a pair of Mani-2’s comes up for sale, I find it hard not to look & wonder. Guess it’s one of those “first love” kinda’ deals...

Anyway, my $0.02 worth...Good Luck on your search!

Thank you Arvin, 

much appreciated.

And what about the Mani 2s holographic reconstruction?

Mario - 

Yes, the Mani’s do have the ability to throw out a soundstage, but I always thought of it more deep than wide. I remember the first time I heard them, it sounded like there were instruments & performers 6 feet behind where the Mani’s were...and every time I’ve heard them since, I got the same impression. Very dimensional front to back. 

That's perfect as that is the kind of soundstage that I prefer, and I think that maybe it should be possible to work around width by increasing the speakers distance and/or their angle...

I have owned a couple of pairs of Totem's Mani 2's, along with several other Totem's at the time. The Mani's are extremely hard to drive. Not sure if 250 watts of a great amp like the BHK will be enough. The best my Mani's sounded is when I paired them with the 1000 watt Mcintosh mono's. They sang.