Totem Mani-2

I currently am using a Rotel RC-1082 pre, RB-1092 amp with my Dynaudio Audience 52SE & Sub20A. I am contemplating moving up the ladder to some Totem Mani-2 Signatures. Will my front end suffice?

Any owners care to comment on the Mani-2s?
the mani 2's are one of the great 'small' speakers, but don't expect a world of difference from the dynaudios. the system you have is pretty solid in a medium sized room.
I have to disagree with Jaybo on that. The Mani's, when driven by a big amp, have incredible low end response, but without sacrificing the mids. They are low impedance and pretty power-hungry if you want to play them loud. As to your amp, I don't know how well Class-D amps do with low impedances. I'm not implying it won't work - I just have no experience with a Class D amp. I did have the Mani's in my system for a few weeks and I thought they sounded great. I like Totem speakers in general, so I may be biased.