Totem Lynks dipole?

Has anyone heard totem lynks? I'm contemplating a HT with Forests, a Model 1 Sig. Center and Lynks as side-surrounds (and probably dreamcatchers for center-backs, but I'm also considering going back to 5.1 from 7.1).

This will probably be driven via a Bryston 9B SST (and maybe a separate 3 or 4B for the forests or 7B monos) from a SP 1.7 pre/pro. 18x20x12.5 room open to a long-ish hall. Velodyne DD10 sub for HT (turned off for music, the Forests have gobs of bass w/o it).

Comments appreciated!
well, i went ahead and ordered them - i guess i'll be the first to offer u a review...
thus far i'm quite impressed, the fit-and-finish is typical totem 'excellent' - and the included mounting hardware is slick!! they're still breaking in and will be for several weeks likely but so far so good, i mean, it's a surround dipole, hard to review as you can't really audition it by itself, the point is it doesn't stand out, and this doesn't have anything bad that i've heard thus far, so i suppose that makes it very good :)

in comparison to the b&w ds6 s3 that this replaced, the tweeters on the side vs one on the front face seems to make this less of a point source, but it does have a different character re: creating an 'image' between the dipole and fronts and center backs, something to get used to i suppose.
I'm thinking about putting together a totem HT. How does the Hawk match with the Sig 1 center? What is different from the b&w's you had before..(what model?).
I had CDM 1NTs before, great speakers, but these image so much better, have far better bass extension, and are more transparent.

I would think the hawk would match when it came to the tweeter (what I tend to notice most in HT) but the mid-driver compliment in the center is the same as the model 1 obviously and the same family as the forests, hence my choice (plus how amazing the forest is for 2ch).
well, i've got the lynks all setup and broken in finally, i'm happy with them - it's hard to say 'wow' as, well, the whole point is NOT noticing them, but that's fine with me! :)