Totem Home theatre

I am interested in those who have used totems for Home THeatre. I love them but hard to imagine thiose little things handling the dynamics and volume. I am not a loud listener, but also have small room. Particularily interest in Arro based system. Have a well matched sub, but wouln't mind comments.
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I helped a friend set up a 2-channel/HT system using a Rotel 1056, two Arro's, and Dreamcatcher center and surrounds. A subwoofer is definitely required for HT through this system, IMHO, and he found a great deal on a Velodyne SPL-1000. I think that this system sounds incredibly good in 2-channel (it bests many systems I have heard costing much more), and it is very good at HT, though admittedly not designed for the super high volume experience. I think that this is a great little system, and it certainly has a high WAF!
You're DEFINITELY going to run them as "small" on your prepro! You'll also get the best dynamic ability from them by using them in a smaller space, yes. Also, improvements in "solidity" wsill be had when you sit closer to the speakers, proximally, than you do to the room boundaries! (basically a small room setting, or close seat situation, or a room that is acoustically very well treated for first order reflections.)_ Also, you'll need to make sure each speaker couples well at the crossover from the seating possitions (basically at 80hz reigion, and associated).
If you miss any of this, you'll end up with lack luster results! Of course, each speaker should really have relatively flat/even freuquency response as well. (a good starting point in a small rectangular(closed in) room, is placing your seats(if you have 2) at the 1/3 positions, and placing the speakers at the 1/6 posstions in the front. Then rears depend on dipole or dirrect, etc.(1/6 for dirrect, 1/3 for dipoles for 5.1). Placing center channel slightly off center of room. Good luck, hope it helps...
Can you get great results from these speakers?...sure. You need to follow what I said about the setup. I speak from 20 years experience and 6 audio stores experience...not to mention hundreds of system setups.
Hope this helps
i would have to agree that the arros are for smaller rooms. they are a fantastic speaker. i used to own a pair for my den. the arros can be placed along the back wall or in a corner and they sound very nice in this setup and this will give you more bottom end. The best thing you should do is bring home a pair and try them out in your room at your desired listening levels to see if they do what you want. I own/have owned several pairs of totems and for home theater, i would go with the hawk or forest if you want floorstanding speakers or the model 1's or mani's for monitors, they will handle more power. I currently use totem mani 2's for all of my systems.
I have used a variety of speaker configurations from dynaudio audience line to sonus faber. I am now using totem mites all around. I do run them as small and dynamics are fantastic. My room is 20 x 15.
My "theater" is anchored by arros. Its a small room as well and I do obviously use a sub with them, and I am very pleased with the results. I also do not use a center speaker as I don't feel I need it with the fantastic imaging of the arros. Like you, I do not need my house rattling at the foundation for a moving musical or movie experience either.
I have Mani 2 Sig's for front, Model 1 Sig for surround and centre, and Mite for the rear surrounds. I am powering them with Cary Audio Cinema 5 and love it. I am using the Velodyne DD12 for the sub and the room is about 32x 18.

Good choice IMHO. Good luck!
I am using Totem Hawks with a Model 1 signature center and my old surrounds for now. I had definitive technology towers before and while the home theater thump isn't the same I find the clarity much greater and just love watching musicals. The center has much cripser dialogue and the music tracks have much more impact. I changed as I use my system about 50% for music and much prefer the Hawks for that.
I also use Arro's for my front left and right speakers of my home theater system. The center channel and rear channels are all PSB Alpha's. The clarity from the Arro's is amazing, and the bass is suprisingly good for their small size.

I've got Arros in front(driven by Bryston) & Dreamcatchers for center/surrounds(driven by NAD AVR) almost gives you the best of hifi/HT world without too much compromise.

This combo is perfect for someone like me living in small area who prefers quality of sound over outright brute force. Of course I have a 10" sub for lows and considering getting another 10" to further fill in lows.

Matched with a good source (CD/DVD) and you'll won't have the itch to upgrade for a long time.