Totem Hawk with BAT-300xSE

Any comments or feedback? Dealer is telling me the BAT will make the totems sound veiled. I auditioned the Hawks with a tube front-end and SS amp and I thought they sounded amazing. Better, in fact, than the Usher BE718 which I also liked a lot. I'm going to have a hard time listening to these together before I pull the trigger.

I run Audio Physics Scorpios with a BAT VK300x. This integrated is simply amazing. I didn't get the SE version but I did get the phono card. It too ........ extremely nice! I'm sure Hawk's would be stellar with the 300x!
The 300X-SE has the lowest noise floor of any electronics I've owned (and frequency extremes nicely extended).
Unless the Totem has some seriously wierd crossover, I can't see a problem.
Try to hear the BAT with the Thiel 1.6...
Do you already own the BAT? The Hawks loved my 400xi when I owned them.
The BAT VK-60 makes for one hell of a match with the Hawk. I'd imagine the 300 integrated would be a fine match with it as well.
Ended up picking up a nice BAT-300xSE here on Audiogon. Very happy with it's performance with the Hawks. Highly recommended!